Welcome to HARVESTcheck

HARVESTcheck was formed to service grower requirements in this ever changing world of grain marketing and act on their behalf as their grain broker.

We have developed the tools and resources required for grain marketing success, not just over harvest but for the entire season by implementing marketing plans, systems and benchmarks that are proven to achieve these goals.

For Wheat, Barley, Oilseeds and Pulses we will find the best market to suit the growers needs

Why use HARVESTcheck as your Grain Broker?

We pride ourselves on providing a high level confidential service for our grower clients and offer the following services;

  • Your Client Manager is the owner of the business and has over 15 years of grain marketing experience.
  • Totally independent grain marketing service, we work for our grower clients and do not have interests in trading businesses or take trading positions.
  • We sit down individually with our clients implementing grain marketing plans pre harvest and conduct a review post harvest.
  • Knowledge of the suite of products available in the market place and utilise them for the growers benefit.
  • Contract management and negotiation including transfers and manage counter party risk.
  • Grain optimising to maximise the value of warehouse grain, upgrade quality equity and arbitraging forward cash contracts.
  • Harvest reconciliation and up to date position reports.
  • Daily market information service.
  • Provide accurate pricing for delivered end user markets and BHC sites.