Welcome to HARVESTcheck

HARVESTcheck was formed to service grower requirements in this ever changing world of grain marketing and act on their behalf as their grain agent.

Commodities that HARVESTcheck are involved with include all cereals, oilseeds and pulses.

HARVESTcheck offers the following services;

  • Totally independent grower agent service.
  • HARVESTcheck does not operate a trading arm as an off shoot business and is not aligned to any trading house.
  • Sitting down with growers working out their marketing plans and helping them to be implemented by utilising the suite of products available in the market place.
  • Manage counter party risk.
  • Contract management and negotiation.
  • HARVESTcheck FIO Grain Service.
  • Up to date pricing for delivered markets & Bulk Handling sites.
  • On line growers reports, where growers can review their cropping game plan.